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Silvia Leiva reveals the secret of a successful relocation

I would say that my secret is communicating (actually, over-communicating).

My job is extremely important as I am the only point of contact for the employee. I try to make a point of putting myself in their shoes... how would I feel? how might I react? I would want to know where all of my family’s things are – all our memories – at all times, and when I can expect everything to arrive.

We’re big on building relationships

One of the pleasures of the role is building relationships with customers. A few times, it has resulted in a friendship. Some of my old transferees email me every now and then asking how I am doing. It really makes things enjoyable.

It’s never easy to handle multiple relocations, especially in the crazy summer times, but I try to make sure I give each of my customers that personal touch – they should feel as if their move is the only one I have going on right now (which is never the case!).

Your attitude can make a big difference

I had one relocation where my transferee’s wife shared with me her fears and called me many times. She said moving to another country completely horrified her. We were on the phone almost daily. I provided her a lot of information, even down to tiny details, like car seat regulations. I still email her every now and then to check that they’re doing OK.

I like to keep employees and travel counselors updated at all times throughout the move and send report updates to the agency daily – it’s how you build a trusted relationship. Even if things are difficult, I have seen quite often that your attitude and your service can make it better; in the end, you can get an awesome review from your customer.

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