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We will help your company to reduce waste, recycle materials and lighten your carbon footprint, in a safe and legal and manner. Being green is not only better for the environment, but can also save your company thousands of dollars during your office move.

A typical office relocation yields thousands of pounds of unwanted materials, from appliances, desks, chairs and modular systems to shelving, cabinetry and lamps and fixtures. It is our goal to minimize waste while safely disposing of anything that will not be following your office on the move. Many items present special challenges for disposal, like refrigerators, microwaves, batteries and AV equipment. We know who will accepet these materials and the restrictions and regulations for each state. 

Our recycle & disposal services include:

  • Disposal of office furniture
  • Electronic equipment and computer recycling
  • Liquidation assistance
  • Certified e-scrapping services
  • Secured document shredding services
  • Full office cleanout 
  • Decommission waste disposal

Ensuring a healthy and environmentally sustainable workplace is a common goal for many clients, and at Crown we hope to do our part! 

Should you be considering having specific professional environmental accreditations for your office design, we can work with Green Star / LEED certified professionals that will optimize the material and furniture selections to reduce the overall impact of harmful gases and waste being utilized in the office build-out and move.  This can also include finding ways to make best use of unwanted furniture as we work with many charities to arrange donations. We set operational standards not just for Crown, but for suppliers and sometimes clients. The UNGC provides a clear framework for us to transparently report and enables us to continually benchmark our efforts.

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