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Moving is a stressful experience; always has been and always will be. Bilingual employee assistance boosts transferee confidenceToday, websites and social media offer much assistance to those planning to relocate. Preparation is so important and unquestionably helps busy transferees avoid some of the pitfalls of moving, whether locally, long distance or even internationally. 

Of all the helpful tips, brochures and checklists available, though, none may be quite as effective and reassuring as a service provider who can serve the customer comfortably in the customer’s primary language. With all of the details or documents that need discussion or review, it can be extremely comforting to receive that instruction from a customer service specialist who can communicate in the customer’s native language while sharing important data. It becomes one less concern for the transferee, knowing that nothing will get lost in translation as they speak to their US-based representative in Spanish, French or German.  

The key client-facing encounters that take place during a move can benefit many times from a bilingual crew that is at residence all day, performing a pack, load or delivery service. In a market like Houston, there are many different languages spoken, but English and Spanish dominate. Many of our experienced Crown Relocations crew are able to accommodate their respective transferees by being fluent in both English and Spanish. Only those who are bilingual can truly appreciate the advantage of being able to clearly converse in the customer’s native tongue, no pun intended. 

Despite all the planning and preparation, oftentimes, important decisions are made during the pack and load process. The transferee may wish to not only lean upon the expertise of their move manager or crew leader, but also upon their ability to communicate with them both clearly and comfortably in their own language.

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About the author

Greg Donovan

Greg has 25 years of experience providing domestic & international corporate moving services, serving in a variety of roles including operations, business development and global account management. Greg joined Crown Relocations in February 2015 as General Manager in Houston, TX, whose citizens have been recognized for speaking more languages than any other major city in the U.S.

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