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The Crown World Mobility Talk hosted on November 15 at Roomers in Frankfurt was featured in Personal Manager HR International, the most targeted source in Germany for global mobility. 

The November 15 Crown World Mobility Talk was among the series of European panel discussions planned and hosted by Giovanni De Carlo, Business Development Director, Europe.  As in the prior Mobility Talk sessions, De Carlo moderated the panel that included numbers of industry professionals. For this event,  David Rooney (Ernst & Young) and Thomas Schonscheck (Manpower GmbH & Co. KG) were among the experts on the panel and were joined by many other international human resources (HR) professionals from various industries. The main topic of discussion was Trends and Best Practices.

The panel and participants started the discussion on strategic HR issues, such as the role of expatriation in talent management and the associated long-term importance of employing the right talent at the right time and place. The discussion progressed to the topic of best practices for successful integration of an assignee into a host country's society.  Cultural challenges and career planning for both the assignee and their family were also discussed as one of the key elements to consider.

More trends and industry issues were shared and debated. At the end of the session, participants took a glance into the future of assignment management and issues that may affect long-term success of the company. The session was a success.  It was a comfortable and informal platform for industry professionals to share their knowledge and wisdom among one another.  

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