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Finishing university is the best time to consider a move overseas for young people. They have more opportunities to seek jobs in different parts of the world. Some cities around the world are all around more appealing for various reasons, whether it’s the cost of living, wages or the cultural attractions. Some of the best cities to live if you happen to be young were ranked in a recent survey by Youthful. Five best cities for a moving overseas for young people

Chicago is a great place for sports, entertainment and for young people who would like to live in an action packed city that also offers vast amounts of public space. In the survey it ranked as 2nd public space, sports and gaming.

If you fancy living in a cosmopolitan and muticultural city full of things to do, then London is your destination. The capital ranked highly on diversity and has a vibrant young crowd that are leading the way. With plenty of bars, clubs, restaurants and job opportunities it’s the perfect place for young people.

Los Angeles
Los Angeles is the ideal city for young people looking for unique opportunities in the arts and entertainment sectors. It’s the right city to move to if you are determined to make a good living for yourself in the creative industries and ranked first in the entrepreneurship classification.

Young expats who are looking to make a big step in their careers will find attractive opportunities here. The capital ranked first in the survey for work opportunities for the young, so if you have a degree and a strong work ethic then it could be a great place for you to move to. A move to Tokyo also provides an enriching cultural experience, exposing you to a different culture, language and cuisine.

Buenos Aires
If you fancy living in a city with a sunny weather all year around and where you will rarely suffer a packed commute, then you could soon be packing your bags straight to Buenos Aires. The city ranked high in the index for internal transportation, quality of living and sustainability.


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