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If you’re thinking about moving from Australia to Canada, although exciting, you’ll be moving halfway across the world. So, whether you’re moving on your own, with family or friends, it’s important to read on to find out the important tips for your journey.  

Consider all aspects of your move

When making such a big move, it’s important to consider all aspects. Who is moving with you? Where will you work? Where will your kids play their favourite sports and where will they go to school? There are many aspects of moving that people don’t consider and only think about once it’s too late, once they’ve already moved to their new location. That’s why, it’s ideal to be prepared. Here at Crown Relocations, we offer a range of Destination Services. Be sure to get in contact today to find out more on how our global team can help with your move to Canada: 1300 135 607

Ensure you have employment opportunities

If you’re moving due to work, this tip doesn’t apply to you. However, some people like to pack up and move on impulse. Which is great! but unfortunately, it can leave you in a tricky situation and can lead to trouble finding a job. If you’re not fussy about where you work, there are many jobs that require no qualifications such as waiting tables and/or working in hotels. However, if you have qualifications and are hoping to further your career, it’s important to secure employment before moving, if possible. Or, at least have some opportunities lined up before you move.

Learn the culture

Although Australia is similar to Canada in many ways, it’s also very different being a completely new destination in a different part of the world. There are close similarities in the way that both Australians and Canadians love their sport and offer a wonderful multicultural community. However, there are also a range of small lifestyle differences, such as commonality in needing to tip and prepare yourself for this one, their coffee isn’t as great as Australia’s!

Decide on how you’ll get around

The process of shipping your car from Australia to Canada is quite extensive, but for some, it’s worth it. Crown Relocations can assist with this, you can learn more here. However, if you’re happy to catch public transport, ensure you do some deeper research on the train and bus services before arriving. You will most likely have to travel around as soon as you arrive for work or other activities, so it’s best to be prepared.

Organise relocation

Last but not least, it’s impossible to move countries without a relocations company you can trust. Having an experienced relocations company on your side will be beneficial for the entire process of moving internationally to Canada. Make sure you research and choose a company with both experience and expertise in the field. Avoid moving companies that have lower prices, as this could mean a lack of quality service and you may end up with broken goods and higher costs to pay later on! Contact our team at Crown Relocations today: 1300 135 607 or get your free online quote here.

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