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If you’ve been living on the East Coast of Australia and are looking to move to the West Coast, possibly for business, family or just for a new change, there are many similarities between the East Coast and West Coast of Australia. However, there are also many differences besides being near the coast that you should know before moving.


The West Coast has less infrastructure 

One of the primary things you will notice when moving from the East Coast to the West coast of Australia, is less overall infrastructure. Some people love this, but for many it can take some getting used to. Less restaurants and places to go shopping also means more open landscape and cleaner air. Due to less infrastructure, you will also find that the West Coast has a prominence of Australian wildlife, as well as range of open roads, small towns and friendly communities to stop at.


West Coast Beaches are Outstanding

Australia is well known for its beautiful beaches, however in the eyes of tourists, Bondi Beach in Sydney, or the beaches in the Gold Coast seem to be the most popular. Many people are unaware that the West Coast of Australia actually hosts some of the finest beaches in the world. The Coral Coast including the Pinnacles Desert, Shark Bay, Kalbarri National Park and Ningaloo Reef are some of the most popular places to holiday, and if you’re lucky enough to live around these areas, dolphins and whales are just a part of your everyday scenery.


The Surf central

If you or someone you’re moving with is a surfer, you’re in luck! And if you don’t already surf, now might be the time to pick it up as the West Coast of Australia hosts some of the most popular surfing destinations in the world. With over 40 places to catch a wave, you’ll never get bored driving along the coast finding the perfect surfing conditions. Ranging from gentle beaches, to powerful reef breaks, it doesn’t matter if you’ve been surfing for 50 years or just starting out! 


Less tourists

As mentioned earlier, many tourists are steered towards the East Coast when travelling Australia. The reason tourists visit the East Coast, more commonly can be put down to the higher level of infrastructure and therefore more places to stay. Many people actually move to Australia’s West Coast simply to get away from the tourists and they can be pleasantly surprised when the beaches and scenery are just as (if not more) beautiful as the East. You’ll also find properties on market are far less expensive and offer the chance to buy acreage or a place right on the beach, if that’s something you’re unable to find of value on the East coast.


Present wildlife 

Unlike the East Coast, you don’t have to venture out or look very far to find wildlife on the West Coast. It is common to come across kangaroos, emus and bilbies on a daily basis. Mammals and creatures of the sea are also a common sighting with many humpback whales, dolphins and whale sharks calling the West Coast home.   


So, although you may have to settle for a local marketplace over a large shopping centre, all in all, Australia’s West Coast has a lot to offer for a full and healthy lifestyle. The West Coast can be a fabulous place to choose for retirement or simply a fresh start in life. If you’re ready to make the move to the West Coast and need a helping hand, call our friendly team at Crown Relocations on: 1300 135 607 today, or get your FREE quote online now. 


Ningaloo - credit image to

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