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“Shoulds” and “shouldn’ts” for a stress-free packing process 

Like many “expats-to-be”, one thinks the hardest part of the moving process is sorting out the documents and visas, finding a home….but one never, ever, imagines that what a lot of expats find the toughest is packing their belongings. Indeed, prioritizing what to take and what to leave behind isn’t easy, neither preparing the things for the move. Here a few packing tips every expat should know! 

1. Choosing what to take….thinking about your destination 

Something a lot of people forget is to focus on what would be necessary and available in their new country. As you might not take a swimming suit if you are going on skiing holidays – but you might take some prescribed medicines because you won’t find them there-, the same applies when you are moving abroad. 
Are you moving to Miami? No need to bring your skiing set with you. Are you relocating to a small apartment in Japan? Then, you should reconsider taking a big bookcase with you – it might not fit!

2.    Hand luggage, checked-in luggage or “moving company” luggage? 

What will you need during the journey? Is there anything you must have during the first days? This is quite personal and it can range from laptops or phones or clothes or objects with a personal meaning for you. Remember that in the case of delays, it’s always wise to have some basics with you. 

3.    Before the packers come…

Check all the furniture and objects that they will have to pack and transport. Is there anything valuable inside? Make sure that you have passports, money and other important documents with you-you don’t want to miss any flight!

4.    Let the packers pack. 

Avoid packing your belongings yourself. Expert packers will assist you and protect your furniture in a way that will minimize movement during the trip. Let them know the delicate items that you have, so they can pack them with additional protection.


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