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In the autumn of 2013 Crown Taiwan held its annual event welcoming new arrivals to Taipei and greeting our loyal clients.Taipai Crown Club The party was held in conjunction with the Tang Tang Solo Exhibition at the Jia Art Gallery.

The event also offered Crown the opportunity to introduce a new non-profit organization, the Kids’ Bookhouse. This association is located in TaiDung, and was established for children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Through its work, the Kids’ Bookhouse provides tuition in music, sports and school subjects to children, and provides them with a healthy meal every day. Above all, it aims to build the kids’ confidence, make them feel like they have a “second home” and to provide them with opportunities they might not otherwise receive.

All guests were invited to buy tickets for a raffle which successfully raised NT$8,200.

Moreover, the exhibition was a great opportunity for newcomers to Taiwan to meet other expatriates from different countries, get to know more about Taipei and make new friendships through this networking opportunity. 

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