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Starting from July 1, Vietnamese authorities are requiring that the new online work permit application system is to become mandatory. Introduced and piloted in April, the new system is meant to streamline the work permit application process.

Following the formal introduction of the new system, the Government’s online portal must be used for all work permit applications. The applications must include an e-signature authenticated by the client company’s authorized signatory.

Implementation will commence in Hanoi from July 1 and will be introduced into other provinces in the following weeks. Implementation dates for other provinces are not yet announced and Crown will continue to keep clients updated.


  • All companies applying for work permits will be affected from July 1 onwards. The new online portal will be used to approve job position requests, work permit applications, work permit renewals and work permit exemptions.
  • Companies will now need to make an application for an online account and e-signature if this has not already been completed.

Processing times

Processing time for job position approvals is expected to be shortened from 15 working days to 10 for job position approvals and from 7 working days to 5 for work permits.

Crown will continue to update clients on the implementation dates for other provinces. For further information please contact Duong Pham (Crown Vietnam) or Debra Beynon (Regional Immigration Manager, APAC).

Vietnam online work permit system becomes mandatory

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