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Are you thinking of moving to the Czech Republic or Turkey? Check the last legal changes that affect expats!
The Czech Republic and Turkey have recently made changes to some regulations affecting expats. Therefore, if you are relocating to one of these countries in the near future, we recommend you to have a look to our brief summary of the changes.
1. The Czech Republic: Employee Card and short-term visa are now incompatible 
Before the new changes, people who did not have Swiss nationality or did not come from an EU/EEA country could apply for an Employee Card and a short-term visa (C visa) simultaneously. However, this will be no longer possible.  The Czech consulates will not be able to process a request for an Employee Card and a short-term visa. Be careful, as if you do so, the process will be delayed 90 days more!
2. Turkey: Changes in the residence permits
If you are planning to stay in Turkey for up to two years, you will be able to apply for a short term Residence Permit. The new law extends the validity of this permit from one to two years. Moreover, staying abroad 120 cumulative days in the last year no longer cancels a short-term Residence Permit.
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