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Visiting the fairy-tale Schloss Neuschwanstein castle in Bavaria, attending a live soccer game, tasting one of the 800 million currywurst eaten in Germany each year… What if that was all you had to think about?   

With Crown Relocations, it will be. We manage your move and take the stress out of the equation so that all you have to focus on is the excitement of moving to your new home across the world.  


Why choose Crown Relocations?

With offices in every Australian state as well as in Germany, we’re able to look after you and your family “from Crown to Crown”.

We’ll pack, transport, deliver and unpack your precious belongings with the same professionalism, timeliness and care all the way from origin to destination.

That will leave you with plenty of time to explore Germany, from the historical Berlin Wall, to Munich's Oktoberfest Beer Festival, or the mystical Black Forest (Schwarzwald). You could also decide to make the most of living in Europe and plan weekend trips to neighbouring countries. Or perhaps you’d rather focus on something more practical such as learning a few words of German – the language with the most native speakers in Europe. Whatever you fancy is what you’ll do while we take care of your international move.

Castle in Germany

How will we support you?

We’ll assign a personal Move Manager to you. Based on your needs and requirements, they’ll create a detailed action plan for your relocation. They’ll then arrange all the services you require and update you every step of the way.

With their extensive experience, they’ll be able to answer any questions you might have about moving to Germany.

Upon arrival, they’ll seamlessly transition your information to a personal Move Manager in Germany who will share with you their local knowledge and expertise and answer any questions you may have.

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What else can we help with?

At Crown Relocations, we understand the challenges beyond packing and transporting your belongings. Our relocation services are there to help you and your family settle in swiftly and smoothly in Germany.  

For example, if necessary, they can support you with:

Once you join the Crown Relocations family, you can also benefit from our additional services such as insurance with CrownCare, pet transportation with Jet Pets and currency exchange with Send.

Partnering with Send, we are able to offer the most competitive currency exchange rates when transferring your money to another country, the savings that you can make with Send can significantly contribute towards the cost of your removals with Crown.

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What do other customers have to say?

"Excellent advice and support. The whole team in Adelaide did a great job and responded to our wishes and needs."
SW – Adelaide to Germany

"Very happy - it was all sorted out quickly and Pia got everything done at the KVR with minimal fuss. Crown helped get our Visas renewed very easily."
AK – Sydney to Germany

Do you have any questions?

Moving internationally can be a stressful process but, with our support, it will be as quick and efficient as it can be.

Before you know it, Germany will feel like your new home. We won’t even be surprised if you refuse to drive anything else than a German car by the time you come back.

The earlier you reach out, the more time we’ll have to plan; so contact us today.

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We can’t wait to help you move to your brand new home across the world!

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