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Why are you considering an office move? There could be a number of reasons – a lease break or expiration may be looming, or you may be growing as a business and need to find a larger, more ‘fit for purpose’ space.

Whatever the reason, you can rest assured that our team here at Crown Workspace are highly trained and well organised, not only bringing efficiency to every office relocation, but ensuring minimal downtime too.

Handling and transporting your workplace is something of an art form to us. As a leading commercial relocation provider, our experience in moving large scale public, private and specialty organisations is vast.

Relocating commercial businesses

We work with our clients to understand their priorities, and with years of experience, IT equipment is at the top of the list! Fundamentally, your business needs, the people your business affects and core eventualities are all considered thoroughly in order to ensure a seamless relocation. Additionally, we’ll help you organize everything you want to take with you and recycle anything you don’t wish to relocate to your new office space.

Experience you can rely on

With no compromise in value and professionalism, we provide you with the very best expertise, management, resources and service to ensure that your relocation delivers on all expectations.

So, whether your move is taking you a few miles or a few thousand miles away, we can help.

Our securely delivered services are designed to meet all your relocation requirements, such as minimising costs and risks, reducing downtime and ensuring essential services continue to function throughout your move.


  • Office Moving: Our office moving solutions are adaptable to your needs. We offer anything from integrated packages to individual services.
  • Project Move Management: It’s never too early to start planning your move. We help you to create a custom-made move strategy that works for you, your business and your workspace. Your dedicated move manager will take care of everything – including your IT. We transport, relocate and power-up all equipment so it’s ready to go, when you are.
  • IT Services: We understand the need for limited downtime and offer a flexible 24/7 service to meet your unique requirements. We provide professional IT support services whether you are simply moving or changing your IT systems or infrastructure.
  • Storage Solutions: Relocating your office is stressful enough without having the worry of finding a trusted storage provider. We have been helping clients store their personal and corporate items for over 50 years, and understand the importance of storing items in the right condition as well as freeing up clients’ valuable space. All items are packed using appropriate materials to maintain their condition and are stored within containers in our secure facilities.

Our team of specialists can ensure a simple and effective solution to all of your needs during an office relocation, so what are you waiting for? Enquire here online today!


Office Relocations Services


  • Project Move Management
  • Off-site storage management
  • Office Moving
  • IT Services


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