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Relocating is a big deal. At Crown Relocations, we take the quality of our service and the personal care of our clients seriously. Although we have checks in place to ensure exceptional service at every stage of the relocation process, nothing says “outstanding service” as well as hearing it directly from our clients.


December 2017
"Overall excellent service, good communication with Mr Duclos."
Mr Dirk D
Belgium to France


September 2017
"I would like to say a very big thank you to you all for your wonderful service and help with my move from Brussels to Ireland this year. I'm so happy that you were the company that organised my removal for me. From the beginning you were professional and helpful. Everything was explained and done with the least amount of hassle possible. Moving is stressful and I had a lot of change - you helped make everything easier and I am very, very grateful for this."
Ms Yvonne G
Belgium to Ireland


June 2017
"Hard working, excellent skills, precise, caring, Well done thank you."
Mr Miklos S.
Belgium to Hungary


March 2017
"Rhian was very available and helpful throughout the whole move. Overall very happy with the service. Our move manager was very available and helpful throughout the whole process. The postcard that we received when we moved in was a very nice personal touch."
Mr Mathias V.
Belgium to United Kingdom


February 2017
"Special mention to Anne-Christine Guve for her availability, flexibility and prompt replies."
Mr Vitali R.
Belgium to Sweden


June 2016
"Extremely customer orientated. Completely understood the last-minute situation we were in. Acted flexible and promptly. The delivery lived up to the expectation. All communication via email and phone were immediate and proactive. Top Company!"
Ms Iris de G.
Belgium to India


June 2014
"Compliments to the entire company both Belgium and Singapore. Thanks for the professional support."
Mr. Olivier D.
Knokke (Belgium) to Singapore (Singapore)


April 2014
"All did an excellent job."
Mr. Kristian S. 
Bollate (Italy) to Bruseels (Belgium)


February 2014
"Excellent service from start to finish."
Mr. Patrick M.
Evere (Belgium) to Dublin (Ireland)


February 2014
"Thank you very much to the Chandelier Team who found perfect solution to make our chandelier working."
Mr. Philippe L.
Brussels (Belgium) to Hong Kong (Hong Kong)


February 2014
"I am contacting you to tell you that our removal went extremely well. I do recommend Crown to our colleagues. The crew was friendly from the start to the end and professional, which is quite unusual."
Mrs. Pina G.
Lyon (France) to Waterloo (Belgium)

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