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Not everyone loves moving as much as we do. And our Move Managers really love moving. Introducing, Lesley Mallory, Senior Move Manager for Crown Relocations U.K. She’s exactly the person you would want to take care of your next move. Like all of our Move Managers, she’ll coordinate your entire move process so you don’t have to worry about a thing. We interviewed Lesley to learn more about the superhero behind each move.

Lesley Mallory
Lesley Mallory, Senior Move Manager, Crown Relocations

Lesley’s relocation experience is phenomenal. She’s been in the moving business since she was 17, which makes 40 years with Crown. Considering Crown Worldwide Group has been in the moving business for over 50 years, Lesley has seen a lot of change, helped a lot of customers and managed a lot of moves. When asked just how many moves Lesley has completed, she replies modestly, “I average around 150 plus moves a year, so I guess it’s been 6,000 and 8,000 moves.”

Her extensive experience spans across a range of roles, accounts and moves. In her current Move Manager role she says, “every day is different. Every day brings new customers and new customers bring new challenges. I think it’s always interesting; different locations with different people who have different needs. I enjoy getting a new challenge.” Lesley explains how her experience, as well as that of her team, leads her to find solutions so no job or request is ever too big.

Given this wealth of moving knowledge, we went through some quick-fire questions:

What is the hardest thing about relocating?

“The upheaval of everything; moving house, leaving friends and family and worrying whether everything is going to work out. But I make sure our customers are confident that we’re going to look after things.”

What tips would you offer someone when relocating?

“Plan everything as far in advance as you can. But often, unfortunately, some things are just last minute, which is when we just bump up a gear.”

What is the most unusual thing you’ve moved?

“Just last week we moved a [red English] telephone box. To see a photo of [the customer] being so happy to see it had arrived safe and sound, that was worth it.”

What is the most valuable thing you’ve moved?

“Everything is valuable to people. People don’t give us something to ship unless it is valuable to them. But pets, well, they’re valuable.”

What is the biggest move you’ve managed?

“Maybe multiple container shipments, but there have been so many moves that I can’t think of one. I often look after people who have a full container, plus a car, plus airfreight … ”

If you could move anywhere, where would it be and why?

“I think Los Angeles, because we have a particularly nice team there, but we really have lovely teams all over.”

What advice would you offer someone relocating somewhere unfamiliar?

“If you’re moving for a company, try and get a preview visit and speak to the colleagues there. But if you’re moving for the fun of it, then just enjoy the adventure.”

Lesley’s customer focus and dedication to their needs shines through in every response. It’s clear that she enjoys the relationship she builds with her customers, and vice versa. “It’s nice to get to know people,” she says. “I’ve often moved the same people and it’s nice to know how they’re getting along.” Her returning customers will often say to her, “it’s great to hear you’re looking after me again, Lesley.” It seems obvious why customers appreciate her, as Lesley describes: “I am passionate about making sure that they get a top quality service because that’s what they deserve and pay for.” Lesley finds great job satisfaction in that.

Asked what makes Crown the best in relocations, Lesley explains that it’s about care. She says, “we really do genuinely care about people. We understand why they are moving and the journey that they’re going on. We focus on that; not just moving their furniture but their journey.”

So if you’re about to embark on your own journey and want to be in the safe hands of an expert Move Manger like Lesley, contact your local office or get a free moving quote. Go knowing your whole move will be handled with care by a team with decades of experience.

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