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Are you thinking of relocating  from The Czech Republic to Australia? Australia is one of the most desired expat destinations which highlight for its quality of life, high level of public services and friendliness of its citizens. However,  where exactly in Australia should you relocate?


Sydney became world famous after the Olympic Games in 2000. What it is special about this city is its multicultural atmosphere, with more than 5 million people coming from every part of the world. 

From a tourist perception, there are plenty of things to visit: the Opera House, sculpture gardens, the Sydney Harbour Bridge… the list could continue endlessly. 

Expats are impressed by its beaches and bays as well as by the worldwide gastronomy options available and they love the weather, with warm summers and mild winters.


Brisbane is a fusion of British heritage, European style architecture and ever-aspiring skyline. It is a growing city, both for its increasing population and investment opportunities.

Most Brisbanites – as the local inhabitants are known, have an easy-going attitude and a huge sense of community. This community sense has been in part developed as a response to extreme weather conditions which obligated the city to adopt a range of adaptation measures. 

One of the things expats appreciate the most of Brisbane is the combination of vibrant history and the calm way of life. You can discover shopping and historic areas, dine on Queensland seafood, soak in the culture at a museum or art gallery, or stroll through South Bank.


Melbourne is usually crowned as one of the world’s most liveable cities. Also known as Australia’s southern “Garden City”, it is home to several world-class universities including Melbourne University, Monash, La Trobe, and Melbourne Business School; and it is Australia’s cultural hub.

Expats will not be bored here. Unlike other parts of Australia, one can experience the four seasons in the city, with mild and humid winter and quite hot summers. Furthermore, each Melbourne’s neighbourhood is special, with a distinct flavour, so every expat can find “the ideal place to live”, fitting every need and budget. 

Moving around Melbourne is easy, both by car and public transport, as the major roads are set out on a grid and it has a good train, bus and inner-city streetcar network. 

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