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Tell me something about the challenges, or the pleasures, of the work that you do in your location? 

The challenge here in Calgary is that we are a relatively small office and it is sometimes hard to keep up with everything that is going on. I hate cutting corners and want every client to have the best service possible – that’s the pleasure right there as well: a job well done and a client that’s happy that things went so well.

But it’s not easy. Moving internationally is not a seamless process. The unexpected happens. My job is to make sure any issue is solved as fast as possible and that the level of inconvenience is low, to none.

Crown’s experience and presence go a long way in this industry. Every single day I am talking to someone who is relocating and has fears, expectations, hopes, etc. The “what if” question is always the one asked. Knowing how to answer those questions with confidence is the key to building trust. Even if I don’t have the answer, I can say “I’m not the expert on that but I am going to contact my colleague in ____ and find out for you.”

Then the customer knows that I have the backing of the entire Crown network and finding an answer is as simple as asking.

Charlotte Howe 
Move Manager, Calgary, Canada

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