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Good people and good quality make a reliable service

Crown is a collaborative organisation, where teams work together, across the office, the country or the globe

We consider our people to be the best in the business; every one of us is dedicated to quality and service excellence.

And we mean dedicated. As the world’s largest privately-owned relocations company, we’re totally focused on moving our customers as smoothly as possible—and we have been for nearly 50 years.

Our people are highly experienced and well-trained – we have a reputation for attracting the best. Through our own Crown University and The Crown Touch training programs, everyone learns to adopt the Crown way of working – a dedication to exceptional customer service.

Together, we foster "a culture of quality" where we share an attitude of doing things the right way and continuously seeking improvement.

Quality is an attitude, a state of mind, and the way we do things around here.

QUEST™ is our continuous quality improvement program, an integral part of service delivery throughout the organisation.

More personalised than a generic standard, and far more relevant, its measures are entirely aimed at customer satisfaction.

QUEST includes formal feedback processes, automated measurement and exceptions reporting and globally consistent quality assurance (QA) procedures.

All Crown people also have an interest in the future of the business and they’re educated on improving work performance standards, building customer loyalty, on productivity and maintaining health and safety.

The better we are, the better our service to you.

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