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The Crown Touch

The Crown Touch (TCT) training program, a customized internal staff development program, is designed to develop the professionalism and communications skills of Crown’s operations staff in order to enhance the positive experience Crown provides to our customers at every touch point. Due to its importance to Crown’s core values and commitment to customer satisfaction, The Crown Touch training is required for all operational staff at Crown.

The Crown Touch program establishes the standards used throughout Crown—from origin to destination and every point between—to ensure high-quality performance in every aspect of the engagement. This in-depth program consists of 17 modules based on best practices and emphasizes exceeding customer expectations, with training on customer communication, courtesy, professionalism, understanding customer concerns, follow-up procedures, professional appearance and much more. Employees are educated on improving work performance standards, building customer loyalty, productivity and maintaining health and safety.

Through The Crown Touch training program, Crown continues to be the industry leader in improving customer satisfaction and providing the best customer experience possible.

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