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If you are thinking about leaving your comfort zone and moving abroad on your own, we tell you how to overcome one of the biggest fears: not being lonely. 

Heading to the airport with a one-way ticket can be both thrilling and scary. Despite the excitement, a lot of “what ifs” might appear: What if it’s raining all the day? What if I cannot find good internet? What if…? 

However, if you are planning to move from Switzerland to a new country by yourself, there is one thing you should focus on: not spending too much time on your own while you are overseas. Not connecting with other expats or locals might make you grow feelings of loneliness and homesickness. Thus, before you start packing your belongings, have a look at our tips to make your adventure of moving alone abroad a success – and making sure you meet nice people!


Hobbies and interests

Keep your previous interests and hobbies or take up something you’ve always wanted to do. Is there a Meetup about a new programming language? Have you found a didgeridoo course?  Be open-minded and don’t be afraid of trying new things. 


Another way you could meet new people and gain new experiences is through volunteering. This is a great way to learn more about your community and maybe new connections. 

Meet the neighbors 

One of the first things to do is becoming familiar with your new neighborhood. Using the “I just moved here” line will work wonders for approaching the friendly locals you will meet and also your new neighbors

Experience tourist life

Take some time for yourself to explore and appreciate your new city. Grab a guidebook and discover some of the local cultural spots. Or take a look at Crown’s destination guides for some inspiration. To understand the local culture is to appreciate the history that you now call home.

Meet other expats

Swiss people living in the country or other foreigners can help you get integrated. They are in the same situation as you, and they have probably been through similar issues. Connect with them via Facebook or Whatsapp and don’t be afraid to join them when they gather for a coffee!  

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