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Move from Switzerland to Thailand

Client: The Granot Family
Date: February, 2014

Moving from Egg, Switzerland to Bangkok, ThailandGranot Family

The Granot Family:
Alexis (mother)
Steve (father)
Two small children

Reason for the move:

Steve is working in Myanmar and is switching back and forth between Switzerland and Myanmar. Therefore, the whole family is moving to Asia, so that it can spend more time together. The family has chosen to live in Bangkok, as it is more developed than Burma.


Steve and Alexis both come from travelling families and have lived in different parts of the world. Steve is Canadian and moved to Switzerland when he was young. Alexis moved from London to Zurich, and moved a number of times around Switzerland. They are not afraid of moving to Asia, instead they feel very excited and are looking forward to new things in life, although Alexis is very sad to leave some good friends behind. But she is happy and ready to live in a bigger city again.  Another advantage is that both Steve and Alexis know Asia quite well and they are aware of cultural differences.


So far they haven’t faced any major issues, other than a few bureaucratic difficulties.


This is the family’s first move with Crown and also with a sea freight. They are very happy so far. We answered all their questions very efficiently and quickly. Both Steve and Alexis are aware of the different methods of operations within Crown, due to cultural differences. They feel well treated by Crown.

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