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The Emotional Roller-Coaster
Moving with Teenagers
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We’ve seen a lot in more than 50 years

Every relocation is a great opportunity, and it’s our job to ensure that you make the most of it, right from the start. With a world of people with generations of relocations experience, we’ve learned how to help make relocating successful.

It’s hard not to let the emotional roller coaster get the better of you at times, but if you’re well prepared—if you go knowing—you’ll worry less and start enjoying the experience sooner.

Sharing intelligence

Providing everyone with useful and practical information about relocating makes sense. And there’s nothing we like better than making sure everyone has everything they need before they go.

Please contact us if you have any questions or comments about your relocation. We have consultants available in over 200 locations in almost 60 countries ready to help you to go knowing.

Moving Checklist

We’ve developed this one from over 50 years of experience, and though you’ll probably want to add something, it’s a good place to start.
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Packing Techniques

We take every care to ensure your personal belongings are packed safely and securely in transit or storage. Find out how we take care of your belongings at every stage.
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Make yours a Greener Move

Steve Slade, Environmental Compliance Manager at Crown Relocations, offers some tips for a green move and how to choose the best relocation company for your needs.
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Top Ten Tips for Settling-In

Relocating overseas is an exciting experience. Yet the flurry of preparation beforehand can overshadow one crucial consideration—how to give your relocation the best chance of succeeding.
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Riding the Emotional Roller-Coaster

Relocating is a heady mix of excitement and anxiety. The more that you’re able to plan ahead, anticipate and know what to expect, the more likely your relocation will be a successful and enjoyable experience.
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Moving with Teenagers

Taking your family out of its comfort zone to move to a new country can present a multitude of stresses. To help ease the impact on teenagers in particular, Crown Relocations offers some essential advice.
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Top Tips for Travellers

Kimberly Millhouse, Senior Move Manager at Crown Relocations, shares some helpful advice for everyone planning a move to another country. From clues on what to take and what to leave behind, to making an overseas move as stress-free as possible.
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Top Tips for Retirees

To ensure a successful retirement relocation, there are some crucial things to research before you set off. Neil Bowie, Relocation Consultant at Crown Relocations, has put together some practical tips to help you along your way.
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Using Technology to Stay In Touch

Whether you’re relocating to Australia or Zimbabwe, don’t let distance and time differences separate you from friends and family.
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Answers to the most commonly asked questions from people planning a move and awaiting the moving crew's arrival.

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Online education tool

At Crown Relocations we understand that evaluating schooling options in another location or country can be daunting. We’ve done all the research and hard work for you. All you need to do is compare the options available in our simple to use, online tool, Global Education Explorer.

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