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Have you got a burning question about moving interstate or overseas? Here are some of the more common questions with ‘good to know’ answers, direct from our experts.


When should I arrange a quotation?

It is important not to leave your search for a removalists until the last minute. Give yourself plenty of time to arrange removalist quotations, appoint a removal company and finalise all your arrangements. We recommend you make contact between 7 and 14 days before interstate move, and a minimum of 12 weeks for international move prior to your planned moving date. Please always try to give us as much notice as possible and we will do everything in our power to service your move.


How is the cost calculated and what does it include?

Due to the uniqueness of your move, it’s always an ideal opportunity for us to visit your home and determine the cost of your move, as it depends on numerous factors such as packing, access, size of consignment, number of staff etc. We will then be able to compile an accurate quotation tailored to your individual move. For smaller moves, our Customer Services team will be able to get more information over the phone to provide you a competitive quote.

The cost of sea freight and road shipments are based on the total volume of your goods. This is calculated by multiplying the length, breadth and height of your items – this gives you a total volume in cubic feet. Air freight shipments are calculated on either the actual gross weight or the volume weight of the goods. Don’t worry, our Relocation Consultants can work out this for you!

Our quotation will exclude import duties or taxes due in various countries, quarantine examinations if ordered, or storage. We can explain all this to you during the survey.


Which areas do you cover in Australia?

Crown has coverage over the whole of Australia offering full, part and return load services, and of course we can move you virtually anywhere in the world through our network of Crown branches and service partners in over 207 offices around the globe.


Is there insurance available for goods in transit?

Yes. While Crown's professional crews will always securely pack your belongings, it is important to remember that your goods will be traveling by ship, plane, truck or other mode of transport—each of which carries inherent risks.

For your peace of mind, we offer CrownCare, transit insurance that provides full replacement cost coverage on a door-to-door, on an all-risks basis.

As well as offering lump sum or full detailed inventory options, additional protection is available to cover pairs and sets, electrical and mechanical derangement and damage through mold and mildew.


Do you offer pre-move consultations?

Your Crown consultant will help you choose the service delivery that best meets your needs, explain what to expect when you arrive at your new destination and answer all your questions.


What size are your vehicles?

Crown operates a range of purpose built removal vehicles and containers. Please let us know if there is difficult access at either address as this will allow us to plan your move with smaller vehicles or make the necessary arrangements to transport your goods.


Does Crown pack and unpack all my possessions?

Crown's packing teams will expertly pack and wrap your goods ready for shipment. All packers are fully trained and will make sure your possessions are well-protected and perfectly safe throughout the entire relocation.

At destination, we will unpack your goods and dispose of any debris at your new residence. The crew uses a colour-labeling system at origin and destination to match packages with rooms. Colour-coded cards, hung on doors at the destination residence, are matched to like-coloured stickers on cartons, simplifying delivery and unpacking.


Can I pack my own items?

Many countries are no longer accepting shipments that were packed by the owner. In addition, any damage incurred to items you packed yourself may not be covered by transit protection. Therefore, we advise that you let Crown pack your household items. All Crown crews are professionally trained and have years of experience packing people’s precious belongings.


Do you dismantle and re-assemble my bed, wardrobe and other furniture items?

Our staff will carry out dismantling and re-assembling to the best of their ability. It is important that we know what is required at the quotation stage to allow for the necessary resources and equipment to be provided.


What should I do with my gas cylinders or flammable liquids?

Gas cylinders cannot be transported on our vehicles unless purged. Flammable liquids, however contained, must not be submitted for removal either. These items are not covered under our insurance and, you will need to make other arrangements. Equipment such as garden mowers and chainsaws should be drained of all liquids beforehand.


Are any items prohibited from my shipment?

Each country has its own restrictions; but generally, the following items should not be included in your shipment:

  • Alcohol
  • Firearms and ammunition
  • Foodstuffs, including herbs and spices
  • Hazardous items (including adhesives, ammonia, bleaches, chlorine, detergents, disinfectants, dyes, flammables, gas cylinders, insecticides, mercury thermometers, methylated spirits, paints, pesticides, photographic chemicals, pressure packs, thinners)
  • Items made from endangered animals
  • Unprocessed furs, skins
  • Plants, dried flowers, bulbs, seeds
  • Pornographic material
  • Soil or sand of any kind
  • Swords, spears, switchblades


Please note that the above list is not exhaustive and Crown Relocations will be able to advise you of further prohibited items for individual countries.


How do I track my shipment?

Crown’s shipment tracking portal,, allows you to track your shipment in real-time using any computer with internet access. You can see where your items are at any time and whether there are any paperwork issues (customs) holding up progress.


Will the crew unpack for me?

The Crown crew will unpack your effects and take away all used packing material. You may also choose to have Crown arrange a handyman or domestic help services to help you get settled into your new home.


Does Crown provide storage (long term or temporary?)

We can service all your storage needs in our modern facilities which are approved and licensed by the Australia Customs department. As a result, our facilities must adhere to strict requirements to ensure safety and security such as monitored alarms, structural specifications and controlled public access.


What items are not allowed to be stored?

Flammable items, gas bottles, plants, any opened food such as oils, sauces etc.


Will I have to be at the destination for my possessions to clear customs?

Many countries do require you to be present for your goods to clear customs, but different rules apply in each country. Your Relocation Consultant will be able to confirm the regulations for the country you are relocating to.


We’re here to help, call our destination services experts in your nearest capital city on 1300 135 607 or Request a Call Back and we will contact you.

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