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Costa Rica is a beautiful and peaceful country that some have referred to as the “Switzerland of Central America.” The country is characterized by a mix of protected areas, social and political stability, high educational levels and a highly efficient infrastructure. All of these characteristics can be found in a territory of only 51,000 square kilometers. Costa Rica is surrounded by both the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans, only four to five hours away from each other by land or 45 minutes by air.

The country’s strategic position, in the heart of the western hemisphere, reflects the government’s positive attitude toward foreign investment. Its infrastructure, its access to international markets and attractive labor pool make Costa Rica an ideal place to establish commercial operations.

The atmosphere is friendly and tranquil, and visitors, especially from the United States, tend to feel more at home in Costa Rica than in any other Latin American country. The official language is Spanish, however, a large portion of the population, particularly those working in tourism, speak English fluently. Costa Ricans also tend to speak more slowly than people in other Latin American countries. They are extremely patient with people who are trying to learn Spanish, helping them to learn and providing them with encouragement.


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