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Ein Umzug ist eine große Sache. Bei Crown Relocations nehmen wir die Qualität unseres Service und die persönliche Betreuung unserer Kunden ernst. Obwohl wir Checks eingerichtet haben, um in jeder Umzugsphase einen außergewöhnlichen Service anzubieten, sagt nichts besser etwas über den „hervorragenden Service“ aus als die direkte Meinung unserer Kunden.
December 2017
"My relocation to London was very smooth due to the professional service provided by Crown. Packing, transit and unpacking of my items happened without any problems. All contact I had (with my relocation manager or the crews packing/unpacking my goods) has always been very friendly and helpful. Crown was very professional and always met my needs - I can definitely recommend!"
Annike Merle V
Moving from Germany to the UK
October 2017
"All services related to my relocation were managed perfectly by Crown. Crown was available for all requests at all the time and all services were prepared very well and very fast. And in case of modifications of already prepared items, they react very flexible and are able to present updated arrangement immediately."
Steve N.
Moving from Germany to Slovakia
August 2017
"The overall experience was very pleasing and has ultimately allowed me to find a new apartment in the desired location."
Simon J.
Moving from Germany to Switzerland
July 2017
"I would like to use the opportunity to say thank you for the works done so far. You are a really competent team from the first contact person to the packing crew. Everyone is friendly and all problems are solved to our satisfaction. Crown was the right choice and I will always recommend your company."
Doehring A.
Moving from UAE to Germany
June 2017
"Everything was quite smooth and very professional. The service was perfect, my doubts had a quick answer and all my needs were taken into account, I am very happy with the global experience."
Francesco B.
Moving from Germany to Spain

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