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A constantly evolving city, LA is an exciting prospect for many people looking for a change and it is easy to see why. We looked at just five of the many reasons why people are relocating to Los Angeles.

Job opportunities

This is especially true for industries such as IT, technology, entertainment, aerospace and engineering. Every year more and more companies are moving to LA within these sectors or expanding to deal with demand and innovation. Companies such as Facebook, Google, Disney and Warner Bros amongst a sea of many great companies.

The weather

No one can dispute that whilst living in LA you will have great weather to look forward to. Los Angeles has hot summers as you would expect but relatively low humidity, meaning that you will not have the uncomfortable heat you may have experienced previously. Also when you are not working you can take advantage of the 75 miles of coastline that LA has to offer and enjoy the glorious sunshine.


The appeal of Los Angeles draws people from all around the world to settle on its shores every year. This is part of the charm of LA, fuelling everything from the food and culture to the varied architecture, style and people you will meet.

Food, glorious food

Part of what the diversity of LA brings is authentic cuisine from all around the world to one place, and all for you to try and enjoy, such as Mexican, Thai, Japanese and Chinese, amongst many others. Also the street food movement is something you should take advantage of. In LA street food is being embraced by everyone from Michelin-starred chefs to experimental cooks. It is an ever-expanding and well-loved part of the Los Angeles food scene. A great experience for any lover of good quality food.

Art and culture

Art in all forms is a big part of LA life, from the galleries in Santa Monica and Abbot Kinney to the street art and murals that fill the streets. Of course there is also performance artists, home to actors and musicians trying to make it big and those who have. You will find quality entertainment throughout the city from small bands to grand stage performances.


If you would like to find out more about why so many people are relocating to Los Angeles click here.

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