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Water dominates the Dutch landscape; with roughly 26% of its land lying below sea level, the Netherlands is engaged in an eternal battle against the tide.

This land of dykes, polders, weirs and windmills also boasts one of the world’s most dense populations, 40% of which can be found living in Randstad, an agglomeration comprising the cities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht. The Dutch are generally warm, welcoming and down-to-earth, and are renowned for their tolerant and often direct attitude and their open minded and pragmatic approach to life. 



Amsterdam, the largest city in the Netherlands, prides itself on being an ambassador of culture. Art, music, dance and theatre are firmly anchored at...


“The Light Town” (so-called because of the city's long association with Philips) is 125 kilometers away from the Netherlands' capital, Amsterdam...
Moving to Rotterdam - Coloured Buildings


Often referred to as the “Gateway to Europe”, this former European City of Culture saw many of its buildings destroyed during World War II. As the...
The Hague

The Hague

Ensconced between verdant pastures and a belt of dunes shielding it from the harsh North Sea winds, lies The Hague. Not only is it the largest Dutch...

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