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If you recently received permanent residency in South Africa – you are now eligible to apply for a South African ID book. South Africa permanent residency South Africa permanent residency

Although your certificate has just been issued, it is necessary for your residency status to be verified by the Pretoria Head Office.

All permanent residence certificates issued as of 1st October 2014 will have attached a “verified” copy of the permit which must be used when you apply for your South African Identity book. This copy will contain an original verification stamp and original signature of the verifying officer. Only original stamped copies must be used for the processing of a RSA Identity Document.

If your permanent residence certificate was issued prior to October 2014, a copy of the permanent residence permit must be emailed to the following email: On receipt of the request, the permanent residence permit will be verified and emailed back to the office which you will be making the RSA Identity document application to.

After the permanent residence verification result has been received, the Department of Home Affairs will supply you with an application form (BI-9) to apply for the Identity Document.

To find out all the steps you need to follow read here

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