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A recent survey revealed around six million UK residents are planning to retire abroad, with over half having expat hotspots outside of Europe in their sights.

Brit retirees flock to FloridaSpain remained the top destination for Brit retirees with France a close second, and the USA ranking third for its sunnier climes and laidback lifestyle, sunny Florida being a popular choice.

Going down under still remained a popular with Australia coming in at fourth place, and more exotic destinations in the Far East in at fifth.

The lure of nearby France and Spain appears a sensible choice for Brit retirees who may have extended family and close friends still living in the UK.

Yet, the USA was the most popular destination outside of Europe with 16 per cent. Australia ranked with 14 per cent, and Asia polled with 13 per cent.

So why the USA, and Florida in particular? If you long for mild winters, ocean views and sunny skies, Florida is the location for you.

Florida’s semi-tropical weather may take a little used to for some retiring Brits, but the relaxed way of life and endless leisure activities make it an easy decision to call Florida home. Find out more about relocating to the States here.

Wherever you’re thinking of retiring to, make sure you carefully research all aspects of your chosen destination. From local medical facilities and the security of housing options, to the amenities on offer and the local neighbourhood – it’s important to cover all bases before taking the plunge.

The internet is a great source of information about retirement spots, including pros and cons, personal reviews, and forums where you can ask questions and get in touch with others who have retired abroad.

When you’ve chosen your destination, get in touch and we’ll help you take care of the rest.

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