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From BBQ parties in Australia to luxury living in Dubai – find out where you should be moving to in 2015.

  1. Crown's top five places to move to in 2015Australia
    Wherever you happen to be in the world, you can’t deny Australia’s appeal as one of the dream places to relocate to in 2015. Its desirable qualities include plenty of sunshine, a mesmerizing coast, white sandy beaches, BBQ parties and a laid-back atmosphere that appeals to the young and the old. There is a diverse range of housing options available ranging from city apartments and condos, to larger houses with plenty of land.
  2. Dubai
    Dubai is fast growing as one of the most popular places to relocate to in 2015 and it’s easy to see why. The luxury lifestyle that Dubai is famous for isn’t confined to the holiday resorts, it exists across the whole region with breath-taking scenery, glamorous shopping malls and 5-star restaurants everywhere you go. If any of that tickles your fancy it could become a reality as the growing jobs-market and availability of short-term and long-term accommodation makes moving fairly easy. The 85 international schools located in the region makes it a suitable place for families with children to relocate to.
  3. New Zealand
    If you love the great out-doors, then New Zealand could be the place for you in 2015. A beach or national park can usually be found within a 15 minute walk and even the main cities are likely to be a lot greener and less crowded then places in the world. With space not being a problem, there are plenty of affordable apartments and housing available across the country. New Zealand’s world class school system that is mostly free makes relocating ideal for families.
  4. America
    Beyond yellow taxi’s and sky scrapers, a life In a city like New York could change your life in many ways. The city that never sleeps has endless possibilities, whether it’s shopping on 5th avenue, picking up a Broadway play or socialising in one of the many bars. Aside from the leisure activities, the practicalities of living in New York make it popular with people of all ages. Living in an apartment a stone’s throw away from Times Square may appeal to the young professional, while for families spacious houses within the commuter belt are ideal.
  5. Singapore
    Singapore is known for being a clean, efficient and warm city. It’s also modern, well-developed and cutting edge, making it a versatile and fun place to live. It’s development into one of the most important trade and finance centres in Asia makes it the perfect city to take the next step in your career. From young professionals to families, it’s a city that caters for everyone. Security, high-quality of education, and low cost of accommodation are some of the reasons it’s a great place to move to in 2015.

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