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Moving can be a very stressful and emotional time. But moving with young children can bring its own challenges. Having helped many families from the UK to relocate across the world, our relocations experts are no strangers to situations that require tailored solutions to suit your family’s move.

Moving with kidsHere at Crown we appreciate that your kids being your most precious cargo! If you are thinking of relocating your family, we have some handy tips on how to best prepare your prized possessions.

Getting Involved

Involve the children when making plans for the move. Take them with you when you visit your new city or to see your new home.

Talking about the move with your children is very important too. Encourage them to talk about their feelings and to ask questions so you can put their minds at ease. Describe what the new home will be like and all the exciting things that will be found in your new area to keep the ‘fear of the unknown’ at bay.

New Surroundings

Help your child learn about their new city and maybe research some places like zoos, parks and museums that they might enjoy in their new neighbourhood.

If you are moving to a radically different environment make your children aware of the differences and understand what to look out for in their new surroundings.

Favourite Things

Prepare a package for your child with their favourite toys, books, clothing and snacks for the all important moving day. Label it with your child’s name and be sure to keep it handy during the actual move.

Hold on to their old, tattered toys or a few of your child’s favourites. Get them involved and let the kids unpack some of their own toys, and put them in their new room. Let them decide how his or her room will be decorated, if you dare!

Break the Ice

Take a break from setting up your new home and spend some quality time with your child, if you can. Once school has started, your child will be sure to tell you all about their new teachers, classes, experiences and of course, their new friends!

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