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Pets are family too, so make sure they are cared for and treated well throughout the move.Moving with pets: get prepared

When it comes to your furry loved ones, we use a network of transfer specialists to ensure your pet is cared for wherever in the world you're moving to. All you have to do is wait for the safe arrival of your four-legged family member to your new home.

To make sure your pet is ready for moving day, our experts have put together some top tips which really are the cat's whiskers!

Moving day

    •   Seek advice from your vet to minimise your pets’ anxiety during the move and
        when settling in to the new home

    •   Country immunisation regulations and quarantine requirements vary, so be
        sure to be prepared with as much information as possible

    •   Have someone look after your furry loved one on moving day. Whether it's with a trusted friend, family member or pet-sitter, it will save a lot of
        stress for you and your pet

    •   Collect your pet once our crews and trucks have left your home, if you're staying there prior to departure

    •   If you're leaving straight away, collect your pet at the last minute - our trusted partner offers boarding centers near most major UK airports,
        giving you peace of mind on the day

At your new home

    •   Before your pet arrives at their new home, make sure that it is safe - check there are no routes for escape in the garden, and the house is dog

    •   Make sure all windows and external doors are closed before letting your pet out of their travel crate

    •   Show your pet where their food and water is but let them explore their new surroundings at their own pace

    •   Keep calm and don't overwhelm your pet - they may be stressed after the journey

    •   Keep your pet on a lead when outside until you are confident with your new surroundings

    •   During unpacking, keep your pet safe – similarly to moving day

    •   Don't forget to update your pet’s ID tag and microchip with your new address and phone number

Our trusted partners all have exceedingly high standards for the health and care of your pets when traveling. If you want to know more about how our partners can help, click here.

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