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Relocating to another country can be stressful – and even more so if there are children involved. And a lot of countries want to make it easier for newcomers (especially families), toPrague waterfall feel more at home. According to Expat Insider the most recent survey by InterNations, a global network of expatriates, Czech Republic is ranked the15th family-friendly country in the world.

The Czech Republic’s government have developed several initiatives which has helped to secure it’s place as a family-friendly location. Since the 1st of July 2015 adults travelling the Prague public transport network, with children under three years old, do not need to pay – the accompanying adult travels free. Adults must always carry a special ‘Children under three years’ pass with the name, date of birth or national identity card (or passport) of the child – and a current photo. Each card has a handling fee of 20 crowns and parents can request it in the usual ticket offices PID. The pass is valid for one year.


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Eric Figus

Originally from Sardinia and born in Lyon in France, Eric has lived and worked in France, Italy, Spain, London and the Czech Republic (since 2002). Eric started working for Crown in January 2015. He is passionate about teaching football to children.

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