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There are many reasons why Brits make the decision to move abroad whether it’s for work, lifestyle, retirement or to just get away from the unpredictable British weather!Taste of Home
Whatever the deciding factor, it can’t be argued that new home countries simply don’t hit the spot when it comes to fulfilling the need for expats favourite British brands and foods.
The demand for home comforts abroad has seen a dramatic increase in recent years, and is likely to rise as more Brits decide to take the plunge and move overseas. 
Take a look at the top ten foods expats pine for when living abroad. 
  1. Bisto gravy granules - even in hot climates, Brits are still craving a traditional British Sunday roast from time to time, and you can’t have a Sunday roast without the gravy! 
  2. Aunt Bessie’s Yorkshire pudding mix - Britain’s favourite aunt, Aunt Bessie’s Yorkshire pudding mix is another essential component of a Sunday roast
  3. Marmite - whether you love it or hate it, British expats can’t seem to live without the stuff
  4. PG Tips - you can’t get any more British than a good cuppa, no wonder Brits abroad are pining for this ultimate home comfort 
  5. Maltesers - Brits can’t get enough of these lighter than light chocolaty treat
  6. Aptamil - some British mums abroad are more confident using familiar brands, such as Aptamil, when it comes to follow-on milk and baby products
  7. Jaffa cakes - a fruity tea-time treat to go with your cup of tea, a heavenly combination for some Brits overseas 
  8. Haribo star mix - not just for the kids, adults can’t seem to get enough of these classic sweets 
  9. Cadbury’s fingers - renowned for being notoriously moreish, it’s no surprise British expats miss these biscuits
  10. Cadbury dairy milk - a true classic and a staple for most chocolate-loving Brits
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