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In the first decade of the 21st century, more than 3.5 million British nationals left the UK, the majority of them under the age of 44.
Now as then, the USA continues to be an attractive spot alongside other countries where English is the official language – but what is it about America which makes it so appealing?

1. Standard of living
If a potential American employer considers you’re worth it, then they will be willing to deal with the bureaucratic restrictions in order to get you on board. The salaries are often higher than those in Europe whereas the general cost of living is lower – unless you’re planning on living in an apartment overlooking New York’s Central Park, of course!

2. New horizons
America is a vast and spacious country where the likes of natural landmarks like the Grand Canyon contrast with vibrant urban centres such as Los Angeles. Each state has its own character and the cities boast unique and rich histories.
The simple call of adventure to a new place can be enough to make moving to America an exciting choice. The USA is far enough away from the UK to make a new start, but close enough if you have to go home suddenly for an emergency.

3. Retirement
Although the number of retirees leaving the UK is a small percentage of the overall emigration figure, America is a popular spot for those who no longer have the ties of work or family.
However, the red tape involved in retiring to the USA is complex so get advice early on before making any decisions. If retirees have an American-born child, the process is a little easier.

4. Study
Particularly when it comes to advanced degrees and specialised study, the USA is an attractive place for study for those seeking an impressive academic pedigree.
In 2011, just short of 10,000 British students were undertaking part of their studies in America. However, stateside study is not a cheap option so needs to be considered seriously before a final decision is made.

5. Gap year travel
With its natural and urban riches, America is like a magnet for school leavers who want to sample life abroad for a short period of time before embarking on university studies.
Many go to the USA for a taste of another culture before settling down to study and this makes gap year travel a strong reason for moving to the States.

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