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Earlier this year, very early one Sunday morning, more than 2,000 people gathered in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam,Cyclo Challenge 2014 to join the 14th Saigon Cyclo Challenge and support racing teams from HSBC, Hoang Long Hoan Vu, DHL, Crown Relocations, Giant, Pizza Hut, Abbott, YanTV/YanNews and Caravelle Hotel, as well as a special team called SCC All-Stars.

As well as the racing, the audience was very interested to see Cyclo Décor: the creative expressions of each team decorating its cyclo. Song Xanh (Live Green), with its healthy and natural fruit juices, helped to shorten the time and strengthen its creativeness very much. By using recycled materials, Crown Relocations persuaded the judges, from Asia Life, Vietnam Heritage and Supersport, to award them the highest mark.

When it came to race time, however, Crown was just not quick enough off the mark, despite a faster top speed on the straights, and came in a very close second.

“We’re disappointed to come second again this year, but it’s not stopped us enjoying the day in helping to raise funds for a great organization. We’ll definitely be back next year,” said Bang Sieu.

Pizza Hut, NYDC, Gloria Jean’s Coffees, Bread Talk, Pepsi and Revive helped to create a totally free food and drinks zone which made the day even more enjoyable!

We are still counting all of the generous donations that we received but feel pretty sure that we will reach around $25,000. “In these more difficult times for everyone, SCC is delighted to have raised this money to support our programs and we are very grateful to all of our sponsors and everyone who came along and contributed for making today not only a great day out but one that will help so many children too”, said Mr. Paul Finnis, Director of Saigon Children’s Charity.

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..everything went like clockwork and times were all on schedule..;