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If you’re like many people who move to New Zealand, you’re probably looking for a relaxed pace of life, in a beautiful country where people are friendly.

Find out a few facts about life in New Zealand here so you can begin planning your move.

Balanced lifestyle

Having a working life in New Zealand is important but having a balance is also considered to be important. You won’t have to waste hours of your life commuting as everything is close and even in the biggest cities a beach, native park or mountain biking trail are nearby.

It’s these reasons and more that help New Zealand score at or near the top of so many international work/life balance surveys.

Temperate climate, amazing scenery

New Zealand has a temperature climate and generally experiences warm, dry summers or mild wet winters. There aren’t really any extremes and it rarely snows so year round it’s easier to enjoy a healthier, outdoors lifestyle.

New Zealand is rich in amazing out-doors spaces that can be explored. Beautiful sandy beaches, great native forests, mountains, lakes and fjords packed into a compact country means they’re all  easy to get to and enjoy.

Big houses

When it comes to houses in New Zealand, there is plenty of choice. Families can get spacious homes in the suburbs – with enough land for pets. There is the option of living on a larger plot of land in the countryside or living close to the sea at an affordable cost. For young professionals there are apartments with great views by the sea.


Public healthcare in New Zealand is free or low cost if you are a citizen, resident or hold a work visa valid for two years or more. This is thanks to heavy government subsidies, although you can still choose to take out insurance for private healthcare.

If you hold a temporary visa, you may still be eligible for a limited range of services in certain situations. You can check your eligibility on the Ministry of Health website and it’s also strongly recommended that people in New Zealand who are not eligible for publicly funded health services hold comprehensive travel insurance, including health insurance.

Doctors are usually easily accessible and accident and emergency treatment at hospitals is free. If you’re injured in an accident (even it was because of something you did), medical and recovery costs are covered by the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC).

How cost of living compares

Healthcare in New Zealand is free or low cost. You’ll find some things cost less, while others are more expensive but overall there shouldn’t be a huge difference in the cost of living. Healthcare in New Zealand is free or low of cost.

Family benefits

If you have a family, New Zealand is probably one of the best places you could live in. You’ll be able to choose a home that everyone will be comfortable in, and you’ll enjoy excellent healthcare and public facilities.

Along with affordable, quality education, your children will be able to close to nature and enjoy an incredibly diverse range of healthy sport, recreation and adventure activities.

According to the expat intel survey, nearly 70% of expats say their children are more confident and well-rounded from their time spent living in New Zealand.

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