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Mainland China is the most populated country in the world, with around 1.3 billion people living there. 

It is a country that has developed rapidly over recent years. If you move to China you’ll notice stark contrasts between the cutting-edge skyscrapers and timeless traditional buildings. 

Depending, of course on which city you’re moving to, you’re likely to notice the vastness, population density and general chaos of China, but you’ll also see the pace of development and the overall energy of the place. 

The official language of China is Mandarin, although a number of regional dialects are also spoken. In the main cities, you will probably be able to get by with only speaking English, however, it is recommended you learn at least a limited amount of Mandarin to make the time you spend in China as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Chengdu skyline


Situated on the fertile Chengdu plains against an impressive backdrop of the Longmen and Qionglai mountains is Chengdu, the capital of western China’...
Moving to Dalian - Photo of large Buddha Statue


In a region famed for its apple and cherry orchards lies the coastal city of Dalian. The city is one of China’s most heavily developed industrial...
Stadium in Guangzhou


Guangzhou, the largest city in South China, sits on the Pearl River northwest of Hong Kong. This Chinese megalopolis is home to a staggering 12.78...
temples in Harbin


Harbin, the venerable Ice City, is known for its picturesque Russian-influenced architecture, its magnificent ice sculptures and the bitterly cold...


Carved into the banks of the Qinhai River in the Yangtse Delta, is Nanjing, present day capital of Jiangsu province. The coloured lanterns of the...
temples in beijing


Beijing, capital of the People’s Republic of China, is one of the world’s most populated and fastest growing cities. Although virtually...
Qingdao skyline


Qingdao, the ‘Green Island’, is probably best known for its famous TsingTao brewery - a hangover from its German occupation back in the 1800-1900s...
Shanghai river and ferry


Shanghai, the world’s most populated city, lounges in the sprawling Yangtse Delta. Having shaken off the vestiges of its opium-tinged 1930s heyday,...
Shenzhen Shekou monument

Shenzhen Shekou

Shenzhen, China’s southern most megalopolis is a modern-day boomtown. No less than US$30 billion of foreign investment has been ploughed into...
Suzhou river bridge


Suzhou, the "Venice of the East," is a city characterised by water. Canals, stone bridges, pagodas and exquisite gardens that date 1100 years back to...
Tianjin Temples


Tianjin, roughly an hour by train southeast of Beijing, is the face China strives to present to the rest of the world: a progressive, high-tech...
Xiamen river at night


Picturesque, tree-lined sandy beaches delimit the idyllic city of Xiamen in southeast China’s Fujian province. Known for centuries as Amoy, the city’...

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