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We’ve asked a number of our team members to share their views and thoughts on a variety of books which might be suitable if you’re thinking of moving overseas.

This month Lesley Putnam, Regional Alliance Manager gives her insight on the fiction novel that seeks to find paradise in Phuket, Thailand. Lesley has spent more than twenty years helping people achieve their dreams of living abroad, so the issues raised in this book are ones that she’s more than familiar with.

This novel explores the Finn family’s experiences as they leave broken Britain in search of a better life abroad. Destination: Hat Nai Yang beach in Phuket, Thailand. It’s a book about a family who go in search of paradise but end up discovering themselves. Tom Finn has just accepted a new job driving for a finance investment company and, with wife Tess and twins Rory and Keeva in tow, heads to Phuket. You share the family’s excitement as they arrive in their new country and enjoy their first cultural experience – watching an elephant as it washes in the sea.

The idyllic image is interrupted though as the book begins to unveil the real reasons behind the relocation; an escape from traumatic events in the UK and the chance to start fresh. Bankruptcy, burglary and a high profile court case result in loss of employment for Tom and the family’s devastation leaves him accepting the job offer in Thailand, in hope it will be the new start for his family.

We soon discover that his new investment company is just short of legal and doesn’t have the best reputation – in fact we see Tom experience a short spell in prison. The Finn’s later live through the tsunami, deepening their bond. The locals also stumble across Tom’s handy building skills as he helps the community get the area back on its feet following the devastation. After some life altering obstacles in Phuket, Tess becomes pregnant and the family decide to return to Blighty.

Overall, the book was like wandering along a pleasant country lane that you could become easily distracted. The book didn’t exactly keep me on the edge of my seat and it was shame the author didn’t go into the events in too much detail. But if you’re after an easy read that you can pick up and put down without much effort then this is a good choice.

One thing I did take away from the book though is that whatever issues you have at home, they won’t just disappear by moving to another country. Moving abroad is a big decision and it has to be the right one for the whole family. I wouldn’t suggest this book to anyone looking for a better understanding of relocating or cultural differences; it’s more of a holiday read on the sun lounger! As a pleasant read I’d score it seven out of ten, but if you’re looking for help and advice on relocating overseas, then I’d score it no higher than a four.

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