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We’ve asked a number of our team members to share their views and thoughts on a variety of books which might be suitable if you’re thinking of moving overseas.

This month Jenny Weller, Mobility Consultant, shares her review of "Expat Women: Confessions". Having been with Crown Relocations for two and a half years Jenny spends her days helping people achieve their dreams of relocating abroad and settling in to their new lives with minimum fuss. 

"Expat Women: Confessions" is unique in that it is written in the style of a problem page.  It contains letters which are all written by expat women expressing their problems or worries in moving and living abroad.  Answering the questions are Andrea Martins and Victoria Hepworth. Andrea and Victoria use their wealth of knowledge and experience from their own personal travels, as well as feedback from expatriate websites and books to formulate a series of positive solutions to the problems. The authors have also included an appendix, which highlights other books and websites that readers may find useful.

The letters are from women who are all at different stages of the relocation process, deciding whether to move, arriving at their new home or migrating back to their original home.  The letters cover worries such as culture shock, money issues, language barriers and career regrets. Family issues, such as leaving relatives behind, worries about children and deeper relationship issues, including dealing with divorce and infidelity are also addressed, as well as depression, substance abuse and health. Although some of the questions raised are not unique to those people living abroad, it can help to appreciate how these issues can be amplified when away from your usual environment and support network. 

Being a Mobility Consultant for Crown Relocations, assisting hundreds of people move around the world each year, I am very used to dealing with the ‘emotional rollercoaster’ of a relocation. I am also familiar with many people not wanting to go but feeling as though they have to, either to progress in their own careers or because ‘they have no choice’ due to the work commitments of their spouse or partner. However, by reading this book I now have a better idea as to where these emotions come from, and can fully appreciate how there can be more beneath the surface than I am made aware of.

"Expat Women: Confessions" contains advice and experience from women of numerous nationalities and ages who have relocated all over the world. The authors offer multiple ways in which to deal with the problem and are very positive.  I’m sure this book is something which relocating women would find invaluable and should definitely be on their bookshelf as a ‘go to’ reference. 

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