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Sheila Robertson speaks about her family adventure of relocating to Dubai with five rescue dogs.

Your pets are an important part of the family, therefore when planning a move it’s important to consider their safety and comfort.  

Sheila Robertson recently relocated to Abu Dhabi with her husband Stuart and following closely behind were 20 paws in the form of their five rescue dogs; Demon, Nikki, Charlie, Bertie and Earl.

Ensuring all their dogs were cared for during the move, and well-adjusted at the other end required detailed preparation.

In an exclusive Q&A session, Sheila Robertson provides her personal account of the journey.

What was you most concerned about with the move?

Considering moving abroad to such a different culture was a huge decision for myself and Stuart. Our dogs are very much at the heart of our family and I could never relocate without them. My main concern was the dogs being cared for during the journey.

How did Crown help you?

Crown gave me excellent step-by-step advice so that I was able to ensure my pets were ready for the adjustment. Some of the advice included consulting my vet prior to the move and researching the immunization and quarantine requirements for my new location so there were no surprises upon arrival.

How did you feel on the day of the journey?

The day my dogs were collected for transport I was naturally very anxious as they were traveling separately to me. My worries were completely put at ease, however, by Nick who was the dogs’ dedicated companion partner. He talked me through every step of the journey, from the type of crates the dogs would travel in to the fact that his colleague would be on the ground in Abu Dhabi ready for their arrival to take them directly to our new villa.

How are you and your four-legged friends adapting to life in Abu Dhabi?

The gang has settled in really well, thanks to their smooth journey here and their compassionate handler. The temperature is really high here which is taking some getting used to, particularly for the dogs, but we get around it by taking them for their walk at 5a.m. Fortunately, there is a local dog walking beach only a five minute drive from us which they just love, especially the temperature of the water as it’s just like a warm bath for them. Hopefully it will also provide us with an opportunity to meet other dog owners too.”

What advice would you give to anyone else moving with pets?

My advice for anyone moving with pets is to do as much research as possible and talk to lots of companies to find one that works best for you, don’t just go with the cheapest. Finding the right service will make the whole move so much simpler and less stressful. Knowing my dogs were being taken care of by the team at Crown made all my worries disappear. We are now so excited to get stuck in to our new life in Abu Dhabi as a complete family.”

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