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You’re about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime — and because you have no one else to worry about, you have the freedom to do what you want.

Making new friends quickly will allow you to feel right at home. Start your adventure by researching your new home online, to make sure the destination is right for you.

Building new friendships is essential when you’re relocating alone – no matter how independent you are. Network through friends, family and colleagues to discover others who may live in your new destination, and get a personal perspective on your new location. Expat forums and social media are great tools for getting in touch with those already overseas. One in six Crown employees is an expat too, so we can help share their knowledge and experience of moving abroad.

Choose wisely when it comes to narrowing down the location you want to live in. An area that encourages social interaction with plenty of bars, restaurants and coffee shops is a sure fire way to meet like-minded people, rather than sleepy suburbs that are popular with families. Many countries have welcoming expat communities, who can show you around and help you learn to live like a local.

Read more about Stella Hartley’s experience of moving overseas on her own and how she’s settled in since.


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