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Whether you fancy a working holiday or want to re-launch your career abroad, there are a plenty of options available. You’ll find it easier if your skills are in high demand. Professional sports people, Oscar-winning actors and Nobel Prize scientists should find they’re in demand wherever they want to seek overseas work!

Finding a job abroad is much easier thanks to the internet. Online expat forums offer advice and even possible leads for job opportunities. Crown is also on-hand to recommend industry resources and valuable links to help you find the right job.

Depending on your skills and qualifications, you may find you’re greatly in-demand in some countries, but undervalued in others. Be flexible when looking for work, in order to land a dream job in perfect country.

When job hunting, don’t dismiss the importance of learning to speak the language of your chosen country. Research how the cost of living, salaries and quality of life compare. Will you need a work permit or employment contract to be able to work in your ideal destination?

If going Down Under or working Stateside isn’t your cup of tea, why not search closer to home.  Expansion of EU membership makes it easier to live and work abroad (within European countries), without being so far from British soil.

Kate Mitchell found that her skills as a Paramedic were in demand in Australia. Read more about her experience of moving to the ‘Sunshine Coast’ with her family.


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