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Moving to Another Country?

It’s not how hard it is to leave, but how easy it is to arrive

It’s enough stress moving house, but moving to another country multiplies the unknowns, and opens the door to the unexpected.

Relocating is a big life change, so you’re bound to experience a roller coaster of emotions. When you’re emigrating from the UK there is no such thing as too much planning. From applying visas to renting or selling property, the ‘to do’ list may seem never-ending.

But the more you do in advance, the greater your chances of settling in quickly and making a success of things.

moving to another country in a month moving in 3 to 6 months

In a month

This is the time to tie up the final details—no last-minute panic, right...?

3 to 6 months

Settle the big issues like the house, the schools, and what to do about the dog.

moving in 6 to 12 months moving in more than 12 months

6 to 12 months

Take a fact-finding trip to answer the vital question, is there a Krispy Kreme in Kuala Lumpur?

More than 12 months

Never underestimate the time it could take to get a visa and a work permit.

don't know yet  

Don't yet know

It helps to get a rough idea of the possibilities, the opportunities and the costs. 



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