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Selling your home and relocating?

Crown’s storage and collection solutions can help you make the sale.

Whether you’re relocating to another country or moving to a different local area, the first step in selling your home is often to declutter. A tidy property will feel more spacious and more attractive to potential buyers. Everybody wants their home to look its best when it’s launched onto the property market but the challenge can be where to hide all the ‘stuff’.

Crown’s storage solutions can help you take that first step towards getting your house in order. Helping to pave the way for the big move. Storing your prized possessions with Crown means your house will have room to shine. Key items will be wrapped and ready to be shipped near or far.

The service is designed to be as easy as possible for you:

  • Our experienced teams will come to your house and pack items chosen by you
  • We’ll store these at Crown’s own warehouse facilities for as long as you require
  • If you need an item back from storage, we’ll simply retrieve it and bring it back to you

Storage and collection provided at competitive prices. Discover how Crown can help get you and your home where you want to be.

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