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Professional support with your visa application means:

  • Improved chances of a firm job offer
  • You stay informed on your application process throughout
  • Fewer application delays

Get a valid job offer

For many visas, it’s essential to have a confirmed job to go to on arrival.

You can increase your chance of receiving a valid job offer by assigning an adviser to complete your assessment, prepare the documentation in advance and confirm this in writing (or in person). Your potential employer will have reassurance that you’re eligible to work in the country and you’re only awaiting a job offer.

Taking a professional approach to the process also reaffirms your overall commitment to the relocation and the likelihood that you will take up the employer’s offer.

Keep on top of your plan

The mystery that cloaks immigration can leave you feeling in limbo, unable to make your next move.

Our professional service is designed to not only take the worry out of the application, but also keep you informed throughout.

We’ll make sure you know exactly what you need to or what information you must provide. And we’ll keep you informed of any issues that might delay your application right from the outset, so you can plan around them.

Save on potentially costly delays and uncertainty

Simple mistakes on a visa form can cause lengthy and disruptive delays.

Imagine resigning from a job or giving notice on your home, only to find that it’s going to be eight weeks, not four before you can leave. 

The potential for applications becoming delayed shouldn’t be underestimated, but you stand a much better chance if your application is professionally prepared.

Our expert advisers will interrogate every application to ensure you’ve answered every question and with the right information to complete the immigration process.

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