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The Sensible Girls Guide to Emigrating Elegantly by Sally Corner

We’ve asked a number of our team members to share their views and thoughts on a variety of books which might be suitable if you’re thinking of moving overseas.

This month Rachel Perlman has read and reviewed The Sensible Girls Guide to Emigrating Elegantly, a book which provides plenty of practical advice for women considering moving overseas.  Having lived for short stints in Russia and France, Rachel is in a good position to decide whether or not the book is useful for those weighing up a more long-term relocation.

Women in their 20s and 30s are one of the biggest groups among those that leave the UK every year for a new life overseas. In this book, Sally Corner passes on tips and advice for women on the move, based on her own experience moving from London to Perth.

The book is not country-specific so will be relevant no matter where you're going. It aims to impart confidence in readers, whilst encouraging and amusing them with checklists, quizzes, questionnaires and illustrations - making emigration far more accessible to the average 'sensible girl' currently living in the UK.

Rather than just focussing on the practicalities of emigration, The Sensible Girl's Guide to Emigrating Elegantly concentrates on the emotional and mental journey that women experience when starting a new life overseas. The book is divided into two sections - 'before' and 'after' emigrating. The first few chapters are dedicated to working out whether the reader actually wants to emigrate. The reader is then gently guided through the whole physical and emotional emigration process, both in the UK and in their newly chosen country.

I wasn’t seriously considering emigrating before reading this book but I am now! Whether you're leaving in a few weeks or just starting to entertain the idea, this book will give you lots of support and good ideas. I think it makes a nice change from your ‘run of the mill’ emigration books which, although useful, can be quite dry.

This book takes you through the emotional journey as well as the practicalities of emigrating, in a witty and handy way. I found myself laughing out loud at many points throughout the book. If you are thinking of leaving your home land or have made the decision and need some help and support, then this book is for you, especially when the people around you don’t quite understand your decision and how you are feeling.

Have your notebook at the ready to add to your 'to do' list. Sally brings a lot of things to your attention that you might never have even considered. There is a real feel that the advice given throughout the book is coming from someone that has ‘been there and done it’. It is easy to relate to on a personal level, as well as making the reader feel comforted that emigrating is not mission impossible.

Although the main target audience is young women, I highly recommend this book to anyone thinking about emigrating. Five stars.

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