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Crown Relocations partners provide specialist support

We recommend the services of our partners for their experience, reliability and most importantly because they offer the same quality of service and commitment to customer satisfaction as Crown Relocations.

We've worked with our trusted partners to provide you with very competitive rates, so please remember to reference Crown when asking for a quote.


For international transfers and foreign exchange, Moneycorp offers Crown Relocations’ customers:

  • Better exchange rates than a bank – typically 3-4%
  • Low transfer fees – e.g. France, Spain, Australia and even New Zealand from only £5
  • Dedicated team on-hand to provide foreign exchange transaction advice
  • Travel money – Bureaux open 24hrs, online bureau offers free next-day delivery

Phone: +44 (0)20 7828 7000

Email address:


Migration cover

This product provides a sense of security for individuals, couples and families immigrating to Australia or New Zealand.

It covers the policyholder’s:

  • Temporary return
  • Employment advocacy
  • Permanent return
  • Travel insurance

There are a number of migration packages to cover your needs and prices start from £399* (Annual or monthly payments)



Phone: +44 1793 384 090

Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Australia's leading bank, offering a full suite of financial and services:

  • London-based Migrant Financial Services Team helps UK residents relocate to Australia, and Australian expatriates to return home
  • Branches across Asia, New Zealand, North America and Europe
  • Ability to open your bank account in Australia before you leave the UK
  • Foreign exchange services and competitive preferential exchange rates
  • Referrals to banking and financial planning specialists in Australia


Tel: 020 7710 3990

Starwood Animal Transport

Starwood Animal Transport handles pet relocations nationwide or worldwide, with comprehensive logistics services:

  • Pick up and deliver your pet to anywhere in the world
  • Complete all travel arrangements on the most direct and Cost-effective flights
  • Provide travel carrier rental as well as sales. All travel carriers are lined with vet bed and are available in either wood or plastic
  • Pet protection plan
  • Grooming, walking, training and rehabilitation services


Phone: +44 (0)1494 865 255


bdhSterling provide financial solutions to people relocating to other countries and specialise in QROPS (Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes).

Their licensed advisers have the knowledge to ensure your income, savings or investments are managed properly – both immediately and for the years ahead.

Their wide range of services, including pensions, tax and multi-currency investments, means you get all the financial guidance you need in one place and allows us to tailor our support to your individual circumstances.

01372 724 249

International AutoSource

International AutoSource provides full-service solutions for car leasing, financing and purchasing so that you can plan for the road ahead and have everything prepared before you move.

They offer customers:

  • All manufacturer models, new and used
  • Car leasing without credit history
  • Flexible finance and lease terms
  • Low-cost auto insurance


ReadyDrive provides expat and corporate car rental with:

  • Privileged savings and preferred rates
  • Comprehensive insurance included
  • Spouse and employee sharing included
  • Flexible billing options


Tel: +1 516.496.1816

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