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Although Hong Kong is a special administrative region of the People’s Republic of China, it is classed as a self-governing country. 

Currently, around seven million people call Hong Kong home but, due to the relatively small size of the country, you’ll quickly see how densely populated it is. 

High-rise buildings and skyscrapers dominate the skyline and the construction of these sleek buildings is set to continue. 

Cantonese, English and Mandarin are the official languages of the country, with Cantonese being the most widely used in daily life. However, all three are taught in schools and you shouldn’t have a problem living here and just speaking English. 

It would be advisable to learn some Cantonese though — at least for giving directions to taxi drivers and when it comes to bargaining.

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Hong Kong

Beneath the carapace of a magnificent skyline bustles one of the world’s most industrious and densely populated cities: Hong Kong reputation as the...

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