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A great coincidence

Client: Mrs Adriane Barros
Date: June 2014

Case Study 2When my husband and I heard about the possibility of relocating to Hong Kong, we were really excited but at the same time we knew that we had to adapt to a new culture and society. In our first month in Hong Kong, I met Justyna Hackmann from Crown, who introduced me to the Crown Club. It was a great opportunity to join a group with members in the same or similar situation.

I had this amazing situation where my husband had just left for India and, on that day during a Crown Club event, I met a lady from the same city that my husband was flying to. Thus, I emailed my husband with information on things to see and do there, his itinerary was all filled up before he landed in India. It was a great coincidence. I guess life is just like that; sharing experiences and meeting people on our way, what can be better than that?

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